photography by Jack


(All pictures taken by Jackson, using his vTech camera, and cropped by me)

We spend a lot of our Thursday mornings on the Chattahoochee river bank. I’m not sure why we go on Thursday. We just always wind up there on that particular day. I don’t plan any other stops because we get so grimy. In fact, we go there expecting to play in the dirt. Also, we take Tucker with us now. He is infuriated by the squirrels that tease him from the trees. I leave my camera at home. Because I don’t like cleaning sand off my lens. Jackson takes his camera, shoots a few pictures, gets distracted by a “hwuge stick, Mommy!” and makes me carry the camera back to the car. I think he is a photographer in the making.


jon said…
i really like the one with jon standing looking at some stick and the river with the tire in the background. its my favorite. i also like how jon is playing with sticks in all the pictures