I’ve been longing for a book wreath for months, and finally got around to constructing one last week. I’m proud of it, mostly because it was a lot of work and I actually finished it, but I grossly over-estimated on the size and I ended up with a monster of a wreath. Thankfully, I like it. Enormous and all.



Marian Frizzell said…
this is kind of ridiculously cool. What book is it made out of?
Elisa said…
Wow! Ditto what MSF said. I've never seen this idea before and I LOVE it. It's just awesome! How do the pages attach? Love love love, you SHOULD be proud! :)
Jackie said…
It was some random book from the flea market... about the textile industry, I think.
@ Elisa, I glued them together with a hot glue gun.
Sarah T. said…
That's amazing, Jackie! And the boys look really enthused about it, too. ;)