Last Saturday we went to a huge crafts show. There were vendors there from all over the South, with every sort of trinket, gadget, baked good, and decoration you could imagine. One of the first things I spotted was a booth full of silver jewelry, and lets just say I was in big trouble.

Fortunately we made it out of there without buying a thing and to reward ourselves we went out to Jackson’s favorite pizzeria for dinner. Then, because they recently closed our ice cream haunt, we went to Krispy Kreme for dessert. Jack and Jon were enthralled with the doughnut machine. Jon picked glazed, lemon-filled and Jackson had chocolate covered, cream-filled. Boy after my own heart.


Jon’s expression. Wow.

030 069 038

I think we’re going to survive Ben & Jerry’s closing just fine.


Marian Frizzell said…
I got excited as soon as I saw the title on this one...
Elisa said…
Oh my, I am so jealous. They closed ALL the Krispy Kremes around here, which I'd take over Ben & Jerry's any day! I have to get my fix when I get back to 'Bama each time. The apple-filled cinnamon topped are my fav, bar none.

Girl, your pictures make me ACHE to take better pics. Amazing, EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Why oh why can't I live down the road from you, so I can pick your brain on all things photography on a regular basis?? (And visit with you too, of course. ;-P)