a little like his daddy

a little like his Daddy

He wants a laptop for Christmas. I’m going to get him a kitchen timer instead.


Jon said…
Nice. I like this. Tell him he lives at home so all he really needs is a desktop. They're better value anyways
Caleb said…
That is an astute evaluation, Jon. I'm all for getting the kids into tech early on. Not necessarily games, but the tools they're going to end up using more than we did. Same thing happened with us and our parents.
Elisa said…
Jackie, breathtaking photo as ALWAYS. Oscar is already becoming an expert on the computer, much to my chagrin. Please do tell, what lens did you use for this picture? Just wow.
Jackie said…
Elisa, this was with the 24-70, which is almost always on my camera these days. Here's the exif:
Canon 24-70 2.8 @ 30mm
1/80 sec
no flash
Elisa said…
Thank you. :) I'm going to send you a note soon, could use your knowledge on something lens-related, if that's ok.

Whoa, I just did a double-take. ISO 2500, wow really!! How do you make it look SO PERFECT at such high ISO? You are so amazing and talented ! Love you to pieces!