christmas card outtakes


‘Tis the season for forced smiles. I’m not a fan of Christmas card pictures. Sure, I like to have them. Sure, I think they are fun to send out. But talk about a stressful photography experience. I don’t work so well under pressure. And then, the toughest part, choosing a photo to use. Honestly, I never pick the one I like most… or second.. or even third. I’m just weird like that. There’s a certain expectation, which I try to meet. Both kids should be smiling. Both kids should be looking at the camera. But that is not my kids. They rarely look at the camera, and when they do, it’s not with a natural smile.

Anyway, here are my top Christmas card pictures in no particular order. These are the ones I didn’t use, but would have liked to.

060 041 057 066 115 049b


Rio Tambunan said…
I couldn't find a contact area, so I'm just leaving a comment. My name is Rio. I live in Indonesia. I blog.
I've been tracking your blog for months now, off and on. Then today, my good friend Kathy Shipman was like, "hey you should check out". So funny. Apparently your parents are part of the same org as the Shipmans. Anyhow, I just wanted to say hello, and tell you that your blog is beautiful. If you feel like having a far-away-blogging-mommy friend you can find me over at or on Facebook (Username Rio Tambunan). Thank you for sharing your life. You are inspiring.
Marian Frizzell said…
I would like the second or third to last ones on MY christmas card. Thanks. You do allow for personal requests, right?