a random list


1. It’s freezing outside and my grass is dead. Hallelujah. Amen. I’ve never been so happy to see brown ground. Also, I can’t help my excitement that the next person to cut the grass in the Spring will be Caleb.

Anyway. My parents came back to the States during the summer, which was about the time I quit blogging about the horrors of cutting my grass (and let’s not forget the lawnmower fiasco); the reason being that my dad and my brother Michael have done every bit of my lawn maintenance from then until now. “Thank you” just won’t suffice for the load of stress that I haven’t had to deal with anymore. I’m so very grateful.

2. There is a house down the street that puts up the most interesting Christmas decorations every year, including about twenty inflatables and a bunch of life-sized wood cutout people. Last time I drove by I noticed they’d added another statue to the yard right next to the mailbox, this one a lady in a long blue dressing gown with rollers in her hair. I barely had time to consider the oddity of this latest addition to the wisemen and carolers, when the statue raised her hand and waved at me. I almost ran off the road, so shocked was I to realize it wasn’t a lawn decoration at all, but my neighbor, emptying her mailbox in her bathrobe and curlers.

ps. it was 24 degrees outside.

Later that day I saw a truck in the Walmart parking lot left running with no one inside. When I peered in the window to make sure it was empty, a huge green parrot hopped onto the dashboard and squawked at me. It scared me worse than any dog. That’s the first guard parrot I’ve ever seen.

My name is Jackie and I live in Alabama. It’s never boring here.


3. Jack and Jon staged a mini revolt against the room arrangement recently. Every night for a week they’d wait until I tucked them in and left, before stripping all the bedding off their mattresses and creating a huge nest between the two beds. This is where I’d find them every night, usually sleeping mostly on top of each other. I finally got wise and pushed their beds together. We are all happier for it.

ps. Jack does have a ‘J’ now.


4. These four (above) will soon be five. Micah and Jonah will have a new baby brother or sister in May. I’m going to be an Aunt again! It never gets old.


5. In 38 days he’ll be on a plane headed my direction. Hallelujah. Amen.


Marian Frizzell said…
applauding all parts of this post, especially your son Ack and the nightgown and rollers neighbor. My day just started out great.
Deb said…
Loved the 2 Jons picture!