woodland creature


Tucker goes through chew toys faster than any dog I know. He’s particularly fond of the ones that look like small woodland creatures. The more realistic, the faster and more violent the mutilation. In fact, the last toy had to be vacuumed off the floor after its… death.


So this is the latest one. This furry thing which I think is supposed to be an otter. A very realistic looking otter which was left on the living room floor for me to find with my foot mid-journey to the kitchen in the middle of the night. Add otter tail to the list of things that make me scream and run. Remove three years from my life. Add gray hairs.


Elisa said…
Sorry, but hahahahahahaha!! :) Oh that's the stuff that life's all about! Picturing you with gray hairs -- OK, you're still too beautiful for words, so I wouldn't sweat it.