5 am


Something’s up around here. I think it’s called anticipation. The boys have been getting up earlier every day. Jackson says it is because he is just too excited. Can’t argue with that, so rather than stay in bed and kid myself about going back to sleep, I was up before daybreak crumb coating a cake with Jon. He ate the pieces I trimmed, with a small dollop of icing on top. I totally spoiled his breakfast.

We’re down to hours, hanging on by ribbons, sleeping little, pacing the house, and eating cake for breakfast. It’s all worth it!

I love ya, tomorrow.


Elisa said…
Oh those wonderful words: "down to hours". I feel the anticipation from here. I feel sure the world will burst with love and happiness tomorrow with you at its epicenter! Here I am with tears again... must be one of those nights. :) Love you all. So glad I managed to catch up TODAY! G'night, I hope you manage to get SOME sleep!
Marian Frizzell said…
huge grinnings. Why sleep when you can anticipate?