in which we turn the kitchen into a doughnut factory


Jackson has been in doughnut deprival every since the infamous shut down of the local Krispy Kreme. Funny how once something is no longer accessible, it suddenly becomes all you crave. I mean, I’d normally choose cheesecake or pretzel M&Ms any day, but the past few weeks Jackson has successfully conditioned me into thinking I’s gonna die if I didn’t get a doughnut soon.

The only palatable option was to make our own, which is ironic because Jackson has been asking for a doughnut factory in the backyard for his birthday. Still trying to figure out how to deflect this one.

I’m completely unwilling to deal with hot oil, so we had to purchase a doughnut pan online, and when it arrived… oh wow. Um, pretty sure Jackson takes the trophy for child being ecstatic over kitchen accessory. And forget the movie, the laundry, and the deltacom customer service rep. Everything came screeching to a halt and we had to make doughnuts right. that. minute.


Totally worth it. And if you’re wondering how they compared, Jackson said “These are even better than Krispy Kreme!” And that, my friends, is about the hugest compliment this little guy can give.


I left these four sitting on the plate for after dinner, but I came back to the kitchen several hours later and found two of them adorned with obvious teeth marks. One had a large hunk missing, and the other was a much smaller bite. This is not at all unusual, by the way. My kids are way too good at helping themselves. It’s both a blessing and a curse. Trust me.

Anyway. After dinner I showed Jackson the plate of doughnuts.

Me: “Jack, who messed with these?”

Jack: “It was both of us. Are we in trouble?”

Me: “No. But, who took the really big bite out of this one?”

Jack: “Me.”

Me: “Alright. That one’s yours, then.”

*long pause*

Jack: “I licked the other ones too.”


Sunny said…
MMMMM your Donuts look very yummy...
Sarah T said…
Those look delicious, Jackie! Jackson is so smart :)
Elisa said…
The child is BRILLIANT. Oh yes, he is brilliant. And "better than Krispy Kreme"? I truly think there IS no higher compliment. Now I'M craving (all our local ones shut down as well, very sadly.) Running to look up "doughnut pan"...