lonely snowman


The coffee table I decoupaged while ringing in the New Year

It took me a record five days to get the house set to right after the Christmas festivities. That’s a record in the wrong direction, by the way. I’m usually a little more punctual. I blame this year on a) laziness, honestly and b) the dessert table at my Mom’s house. 


It’s funny how everything can be simultaneously solved by and blamed on the dessert table. Ahem.

So yeah, I took my time and dismantled things one at a time, piling the boxes by the garage door until I got sick enough of seeing them. The only one that managed to escape my mad haul into the attic was the snowman door thingy. I don’t know how I missed him, but he’ll be around for a while now, because I’m done with the attic. Forever maybe.



Anonymous said…
I think it would be fun for you to document and post on the inside of this little chest..."when and what was done to me". Just sharpie it on the bottom side of one of the drawers. I don't know of anything that has had more "make overs". 123 Me
Anonymous said…
And by the way... (ahem)....your oreo balls(sugar free) and mint brownies were delicious. This is one time when I am glad to see the end of all the sweets sitting around! 123me
Elisa said…
I have the same snowman door thingy. Cool. I hope you ARE done with the attic forever. And I'd trade punctuality for that dessert table ANY day! :)
Elisa said…
P.S. The table is BEAUTIFUL! How do you find time to do such things with two little ones!? I am in awe of that!