First picture of 2011: Tucker and the de-ornamented tree

January has landed and so have the Navy replacements. That’s right, Caleb’s unit is preparing to pull out now that there are guys stepping in to fill their positions. I’ve never been so excited in all my life. And also a little heartsick. In order for my soldier to come home, another military wife somewhere is saying goodbye to her husband and sending him around the world. During the holiday season, no less.

So I’m praying for her today. I hope she knows how thankful I am she’s making this sacrifice for our nation, and for me.


Anonymous said…
You've all gained a little more wisdom in 2010.Tucker already looks wiser than his years!
Anonymous said…
You are an insightful, brave and wonderful woman. You truly have a way of putting things in right perspective and sharing honestly. thank you. 123 me
Elisa said…
You are inspirational to me constantly, Jackie. Truly.