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my nephew Micah

The last few posts have been a little sparse.. Okay, that’s a bit of an understatement. Fact is, pictures were all I could churn out while in the death grip of an undying coughing spree, and feeling like my throat had been scrubbed out with a toilet brush. That’s some powerful imagery right thur, yer welcome. Maybe it was all the sawdust I inhaled? Or I’ve heard polyurethane fumes can seriously mess with one’s mind, which might account for my general weirdness or at least the splitting headaches.

Anyway, we put the living room projects on hold while I refuse to work on another piece of furniture until my nose can smell something other than wood stain. In the meantime, we made a trip to Atlanta to visit Caleb’s family.


Micah has the coolest poses


Jonah playing catch

007 036

Jonathan walking Daisy, huge improvement over the last time when he screamed bloody murder at the sight of her


Sarah and my new niece (or nephew), due in May

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This man. I love him more than I know what to do with


On the way home, we stopped by Ikea. I had to warn Caleb in advance that I get a little crazy in there. Like polyurethane fumes crazy. But really, Ikea is like Costco on steroids and I only go there once a year so I think that excuses my overenthusiasm.

me: “Look at this rug! Oh wow, I love those picture frames! Don’t you think this is the cutest frying pan ever?!!”

caleb: “I guess it’s cute, for a frying pan.”


“What have I gotten myself into?”


Our yearly Ikea trip was a success and the dining room table is plus two chairs. For those who have asked, there are pictures of the finished wood projects coming soon, I promise! Just a few more things to wrap up. 


Jon said…
The last four pictures of Jon are definitely the best.
P.S. I didn't think Caleb's hair could grow that long..
Elisa said…
Ohhh how I missed your wordy posts! :) I'm impressed you braved Ikea again, kudos! From the maze-like description you gave last year, I have been scared to EVER set foot, but it looks like you all survived unscathed, maybe I should tone down my fear a notch or two.

I can't wait to see project pics!

I'm digging the new watermark font, very nice!