a different role


picture thanks to Michael

You guys are going to think I’m crazy, but it’s been a big adjustment for me to go from single parent/maintenance man/baker/maid/child counselor/boo boo kisser and a host of other titles, to just wife and mom. Really, nothing else has been expected of me and it’s both wonderful and slightly disorienting.

Example: Tuesday Caleb sliced his finger with a multitool and after making the appropriate comments of concern, I left him to handle clean up on his own. Ten minutes later he tracked me down in the kitchen and held up his hand with the cut bared for me to see. Unthinkingly, I immediately leaned over and gave it a kiss. And when I straightened back up, he was looking at me with an expression somewhere between confusion and amusement. 

“Just wanted to show you it had stopped bleeding.”


Elisa said…
I love this story more than I can tell you.