hello world


I feel like we’ve been buried in a hole the past week, and here we are, finally emerging to say hello world! Truthfully, we did sort of batten down and stay indoors. The weather has been horrible, and when I complained about not seeing the sun in over a week, Caleb said “You’re all the sunshine I need.”

Aww… Nothing like a little fluff to brighten a girl’s day.

Not that my day needs to be brightened, I feel like my entire life is back on track again and that’s enough to make anyone abundantly happy. Add to that: cooking for someone who pays me endless compliments, sharing the childcare responsibilities with another set of willing hands, and listening to afternoons filled with chatter and laughter and “daddy! daddy! daddy!”

If it were possible to be drunk on happiness, I’d be there.


Marian Frizzell said…
i think Jonathan's smile in this picture says it all.
Anonymous said…
Well I have missed seeing your post but I absolutely understand! :) Enjoy girl! I love you all. Me
Elisa said…
It IS possible, and I'm so happy you're drunk! :) Soooo happy for you, and as always, tears upon seeing the picture! Jon's little face is to DIE for.
Anonymous said…
Hi, Jackie!

Your mom happened upon my blog a month or two ago and shared your link with me. I'm so glad she did! What a beautiful family you all are. Thank you and your husband for what you do and a big welcome home to him!!!!

Your photography is beautiful and is inspiring me to actually go charge my Nikon's battery so that I can begin taking some pictures again! ;)

Praying for your parents and for your whole family.... Thank you to ALL of you!!!!

In Him,