pink and red hearts


Mixing a batch of blueberry pancakes

That’s it. I’m officially one of those people who forgets about Valentine’s day. Seriously. I did.

I’ve never been very good with dates, but I usually remember most of the holidays. Yesterday, however, it was mid morning before I was sitting here drinking my coffee and wondering why all the peeps on Facebook were wishing everyone “Happy Valentines Day” several days too early.

Hello! Earth to the woman with her head buried in the sand! By the way, this is prime example of how easy it is to lose track of the days when your husband is on four weeks of leave.

So anyway, after seeing the calendar and checking back into the world outside my bubble, I busted into the studio where Caleb was busy logging a few miles on the treadmill, and I’m all “Today is the 14th. It’s Valentine’s Day and I didn’t realize it until just now.” And after a few strides he grins enormously and goes “I LOVE you!”


heart-like pancakes and muffins


my Valentines


drawing a hopscotch… in my pajama pants (I’m on vacation, m’kay.)



Marian Frizzell said…
there are so many things I love about this post. hahah.
Elisa said…
I'm in love with this post. And the picture of you drawing hopscotch in your jammy pants is my second favorite picture of you, ever (of the ones I've seen). I love it!