the project update


So, what was supposed to be a “weekend project” and “might only take 10 or so hours” and was “really a pretty simple build” has turned into a somewhat complete revamp of our entire living room space. What can I say? Once you get going, it’s rather hard to stop.


Caleb hard at work on my Valentines gift


Tucker looking cute while tracking sawdust all over the garage


The good news is Caleb possesses woodworking skills that neither of us knew he had. Also, he absolutely had this project finished by Valentines Day, as promised.

The bad news is I love my new table so much that I’ve already lined up a host of additional projects for him to work on. Also, he spent the past two days moving every piece of furniture in the living room at least once trying to make me happy with the arrangement. He disassembled the TV from the wall and remounted it TWICE. That’s true love, friends.

Basically the rest of the living room is in barely manageable disarray, but who cares when my dining area now has this:



I’ve often longed to own a large farmhouse table like the one I grew up eating on at my mother’s house. Made from graciously imperfect knotty wood, ideal for early morning coffee breaks, late night card games, dinner with friends, and matchbox car races between brothers.

I wanted it. I asked for it. And Caleb delivered. 


In farmhouse table fashion, we finished it with a single coat of stain, distressed in a few key places, and sealed with mineral oil. It is lovely and I adore it.

Disadvantage to building a table out of 2x4s: the thing is a beast. I almost dropped it on my foot while maneuvering the door to bring it inside, which would have meant a trip to the ER, trust.

Advantage to building a table out of 2x4s: the thing is a beast. Caleb says we can park the RAV on top of it if we ever need to.


Caleb sketching up plans for the next project


Bench in progress on the back porch


Anonymous said…
wow Jack, that is great. How marvelous to have such a talented husband! :)
VLR said…
Caleb & Jackie, the table looks great!! May need you to make me one. Just kidding. Really like the saw, too. Now you can do your own crown. I'm impressed! Wow!
Elisa said…
My WORD! That is a stunning, STUNNING piece of furniture. I ADORE it, and am thrilled for you. Squee, indeed!