sitting together


We had to remove something from the living room in order to make the new table fit comfortably. One of the recliners drew the short straw. It is really the only piece of furniture that doesn’t fit in, but I have kept it for sentimental reasons, and also because Jonathan is so attached to it. In fact, we call it “Jon’s chair”.

Now that it is housed in a different part of the house, Jack and Jon, who oddly enough would rather sit anywhere but the couch, can be found enjoying Saturday morning cartoons together in the recliner.

All these years I expended so much energy begging them to sit together for pictures, when all I needed to do was remove the chair. Irony is a staple in my life.



Elisa said…
Hahahaha, that's fantastic. Wouldn't you know it? :) Better late than never! Great pics.