five things


1. Last year I spent countless afternoons trying to teach Jonathan to pedal his tricycle. Just when I gave up, Caleb comes home and has him riding after just one lesson. Someone give me a good reason why I shouldn’t make Caleb in charge of potty training.


2. Tucker loves tennis balls above all other toys. Tucker eats tennis balls faster than you can blink. Tucker used to own ten tennis balls. Now he owns two. All that is left from the other eight is some florescent green fuzz on my carpet.


3. Tucker is the only one who still looks at me when I show up with the camera. Against my better judgment, I give him tennis balls.


4. Jackson is almost five and today I learned “baby talk” is no longer funny.

Jack: “Haha, that’s funny, Mommy.”

me: “It is?”

Jack: “Yeah… no.”


5. Caleb, on the other hand, is always funny.


Marian Frizzell said…
Yeah, I'm picking up on the "Daddy is always funny" bit too. Why is that? I really think that you and I have great senses of humour.