I can’t believe you are five years old today. Count on my repeating that sentiment every year from here on out. I don’t feel old enough to be the mother of a five year old, but I’ve discovered that every day is a learning experience for the both of us. While I’ll never be the perfect parent, you help bring out the best in me.

You are gentle and kind. Curious about everything. You get your smarts from your daddy. I adore seeing your little head and his bent together over whatever mechanical gadget you are analyzing together. Asking a million questions. Intelligence shines in your big blue eyes, but to me your most endearing quality is your faithfulness.

When Daddy went to Iraq, he asked you to look after me and Jonathan. It was a tall order for such a little guy, and I never thought you would take the job as seriously as you did. But everyday you remembered to be there for me. You made me laugh, held my hand, and sometimes, for no apparent reason, you would look at me and say “I miss Daddy, too.”

I couldn’t have made it without you, buddy.

Keep your sweet spirit forever.

I love you.


VLR said…
Jackie, great photo. Jackson's hair looks great. He is sure a cute little boy. I can not believe how much I love his hair cut. Good job.
Marian Frizzell said…
he's such a little man. and I love how much you love him.
Sarah T. said…
Awwww! Tell sweet Jackson I said Happy Birthday! Love the picture.