if you build it


table and bench built by Caleb

I finally wised up and realized if I kept waiting until the living room was “done” to show the furniture Caleb built, you’d never see it. Our house will likely never be “done”. For as long as we’ve lived here it has been in a constant state of flux. I have come to accept this about myself. It’s in my nature to move furniture.

When we reorganized the living room to accommodate the table, my first idea was to move our computers back into the “studio” (which is actually chock full of gym equipment at the moment). I do so want to hate these unsightly mountains of electronics in our “togetherness” space. But if we divided out the desktops, we’d effectively be diving the family 75% of the time. The best solution was to keep the computers in the living room, but attempt to minimize the footprint.  


Caleb built a computer desk that could accommodate both of our desktops (and my tablet) and is barstool height, which gives the illusion that it takes less space. Then he cut a hole in the wall behind the desk and ran all of the cords through to the laundry room where our towers are housed over Tucker’s crate.


I’ll let you guess which one is mine.

That’s it for now. We have plans for dedicated lighting over the table, which will require some electrical rewiring in the attic. Also, I am hunting ideas for a new coffee table, one that I don’t love quite as much as the Indonesian chest Caleb gave me on our anniversary five years ago. I have protected that thing like a fierce mother bear and it’s time to move it somewhere else. My goal is to only have things in the living room which won’t kill me if they get broken. That’s the secret to peaceful living with little boys… 


And one crazy dog.

What I love most about my home is who I share it with. –Tad Carpenter


Jon said…
I like it. I'd love to come visit and see it sometime. I also like how Jackson's hair gets shorter every new post
Katie said…
gorgeous Jackie. Your and Caleb's work is just gorgeous. Including the kids ; ) love Jackson's new 'do.
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