in need of table manners


Now that we are using the new table for most of our meals, I’ve suddenly noticed my kid’s table manners, or lack thereof. It’s completely my fault, as I spent the last year in mealtime survival mode, which generally means “please eat as fast as you can, leave the kitchen quickly, do not move your plate or you might dump all those crumbs on the floor.” Now that there are two adults here to provide supervision, I am realizing how much I wish my kids would wait for everyone to be seated to eat, remain seated until everyone is finished, and carry their dishes to the sink. Fortunately, it is not to late for them to learn.

Unfortunately, they aren’t the only ones with a lack of table manners. Tucker, who is used to being allowed on any piece of furniture he can reach, can’t understand why I don’t want him in my lap during dinner. We’ve spent all the meals until now yelling at him to get his paws of the bench and quit licking the boys’ feet. Because when he licks Jon’s feet, the kid screams “Tucker eating me! Tucker eating me!” Which is only funny the first few times. Drama much?

And then there was the quiche incident. Last week I made an awesome asparagus quiche. Except its scrumptiousness was slightly overshadowed by my burning half the food on the bottom of the oven. Fail.

Somewhat related: I was above par on kitchen disasters for last month. First there was the lovely smell of quiche juice being fossilized on the oven element. Then I  ruined not one, but THREE batches of rice krispy treats. I don’t know how one can turn out a cheesecake with no problem, but can’t master the simplest of desserts. My first batch was completely inedible. Trust me, I tried. The second batch came out flat as a pancake. Can’t say much about the palatableness as I was too distracted by the insane density. The third batch was actually tasty, but not like any rice krispy treat I’ve ever had before. And you know that’s true when your four-year-old takes one look and is all “what is that??” And Caleb goes “they’re unique rice krispy treats.”

So back to the quiche, which I left sitting on the table while I sat here googling how to remove rock-like food from the bottom of your oven. Also sitting at the table was Jon, who loved my asparagus quiche so much that he decided to spend a full 45 minutes eating one little sliver.

And as he’s sitting there, starts calmly repeating “Tucker being bad. Tucker being bad.” which he said about twenty times before I finally turned around, because his lack of alarm had to indicate the transgression was much less severe than feet licking. Or so I thought.

“Tucker being bad” = Tucker on the table eating quiche out of the pan.

Since I was too shocked to do anything but yank the dog off the table, I dug up a picture and illustrated it for you.


Attention: One very cute, quiche-loving mutt for borrow. Please teach him some table manners. I can pay in unique rice krispy treats.


Marian Frizzell said…
i personally appreciated the hand drawn quiche. It really works well with your photography style...
Deb said…
You baked the treats? We used to melt, then mix, then mold, then set.
Elisa said…
Entertainment at it's finest. :)