more birthday


It’s the event that never ends… yes, it goes on and on my friends!

Seriously. There are six days between the boys’ birthdays and every year it is like a marathon of sugar highs, late nights, and toy bits strewn around the living room. Also, the Thunder in the Valley airshow is always smack in the middle of these six days, so let’s add sunburn and heat fatigue to the mixture, shall we?

Thus far, we’ve made it a habit every year to only have ONE party and ONE cake, which of course compels me to put DOUBLE the amount of time I put into it.

Here’s the start of something:


Can you tell who it is?

Six hours and one late night trip to the grocery store (thank you Caleb!) later:


It was kind of an unwieldy cake to hide, so the boys managed to sneak a peek ahead of time. I will amp up the concealment techniques next year.

034 033

On Jackson’s actual birthday we let him choose the evening activities. He wanted to stay up late watching a movie, eat pizza, popcorn, candy, and Oreos. And that’s exactly what we did.

003b 005

This week has been really fun. And really exhausting. The good news is, these memories only get better over time. Next month I’ll remember less about the yellow buttercream splatters on the walls at 11:30 pm, and more about Jackson’s excited screams “It’s Wall-E!” And Jonathan’s attempts to blow out every single candle before Jackson could make a proper wish. And the look on Caleb’s face when he calculated how many Reese's cups they managed to consume in a five minute period.

Contentment is amazing.