Once upon a time my mother, at the edge of her wits with my stubbornness, told me I’d one day have a child just like me. I always thought it would be a little girl, or that I might dodge that prophesy altogether. But that stubborn child my mother promised me? That child is you.

Three years ago on this day, I spent eight hours refusing to believe you were coming. Then you refused to wait for a ride to the hospital, and made your daddy deliver you here at home. It may be a funny story in a few more years, but for now Daddy is still rolling his eyes at the two of us.

You are so much like me that we butt heads over almost everything. But you make me smile. For every disagreement, attitude, and all the times you’ve colored on the walls, there is double the laughter and joy and your sweet kisses in the morning.

I’m so very glad that you are like me.

You are perfect. And wonderful. And lovely.

I love you, little man.

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Sarah T. said…
Happy Birthday, precious Jonathan! These pictures are beautiful, Jackie. Absolutely stunning.
Anonymous said…
I agree with Sarah. Love you all, and sure do miss you, too.
Dad (from the MALL in Bengkulu!)