after the storm


Okay, I guess I didn’t even realize how much wind came along with all that thunder and lightening Monday night. I’d have remained clueless forever had I not opened the blinds Tuesday morning and found the trampoline suffering a very traumatic near death experience—missing legs and signs of very serious spinal compression.

You do not even want to know what it was like trying to right her. It took Caleb and I several backbreaking attempts, during which I was decidedly less than my 50% helpful. This you could deduce from all the times Caleb had to yell at me from his side “Lean it forward. NO, the other forward! Okay now roll it… Away from the trees, Jackie!”

I don’t do so well under pressure and 400 lbs. of decrepit trampoline, okay?! 

When we finally got things mostly fixed Caleb goes “That would not have been fun with three people…” And we’ll leave it at that.