over the weekend


We had another military “debriefing” conference over the weekend. It was much the same as the last one, except I didn’t bother to attend a single session. See, the hotel we stayed in is attached to a huge mall. As in, roll outta bed, walk through the lobby and BAM! Starbucks and Banana Republic and Gymboree. Oh my! Seriously, if they’d wanted the wives to be present at that conference they should not have had it at a hotel attached to a mall. Can you make playing hooky any easier??

So we sent Caleb off to the meeting every morning, and then the boys and I entertained ourselves. And because I’m extra cruel, I periodically texted Caleb pictures of our activities and waited for him to respond:

Looks like fun. I’m bored.

And ten minutes later:

Still bored. Are y’all at Krispy Kreme??


On his one free afternoon, we met up with my brothers and took the boys to the science center.

It was a blast..


of epic proportions.


Thankfully there were two and a half adults per kid so we only lost Jonathan once.


I didn’t even realize he was missing until I heard a voice on the other side of the wall exclaim “Hey! There’s a little girl in here!”

He’d wandered around the corner and into the employee lounge where he was furiously trying to open all the wall lockers.


I corrected four people over the weekend who called Jonathan her.

“Thank you. HIS curls are natural. HIS hair is long.”


This is my brother, Philip. He’s a Physics major.


You could say he likes airplanes.


And stingrays, because they fly through the water.


And harps with no strings. I guess. I don’t really know that for sure.


These are dinosaur bones.


And this is an enormous turtle.

duh, but that’s as descriptive as it gets today.


This is something Jackson really enjoyed.


And this too.


This is something that kept us entertained way longer than it should have.

101 108 094 116

This is not my face.


But these are my feet.

Hello. My name is Jackie and my jeans are four inches too long.

Or my legs are four inches too short.


This is my husband. He holds my camera when it gets too heavy.

I love him.

The end.


Sarah T. said…
I LOVE THE MCWANE CENTER! And you guys :) That place is my childhood. And it never gets old, no matter how much you "grow up"