Knowledge seems to have arrived overnight express to my five-year-old. Just a few weeks ago I was the sole authority for any and all questions, including what happens if you stick your finger in an electrical socket, why there are no volcanoes in Alabama, and when is Daddy coming home. Now suddenly he is the expert on everything, and I find myself constantly bombarded with random factoids that may or may not enrich my life forever. Basilisk lizards are found in Central and South America, use the fringes on their back feet to run on the water when startled, and are omnivores. Thanks, Jack. I’ll be thinking on that while I fold a load of laundry and plan the dinner menu.

The latest words: herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores. He knows what they mean, and he’s pretty good at using them correctly.


Jack: “What’s that on my plate?”

Me: “Asparagus.”

Jack: “I can’t eat that. I’m a carnivore tonight.”

Hey, I said he used them correctly, not always appropriately. And occasionally, when he can’t figure it out, he just invents one of his own. Like last week, when Tucker decided to evaluate the leafy composition of my potted palm.

“Tucker! Get out of that plant!

Don’t you know you’re NOT a herbivore??

You’re a…




Katie said…
I love it, too.
Anonymous said…
This makes me laugh every time I read it ;0 123 me
Anonymous said…
And....I have read it four times waiting on the next post :) 123 me