It’s been several months since I’ve taken pictures of the both of them. Actually, I think the last organized pictures were back in November. I’m ashamed. I’ll tell you the reason, though. It’s very difficult to get them both in a picture taking mood. Generally I get maybe twenty minutes of cooperation, if I’m lucky. It forces me to get creative. I dance. I sing. I make disgusting (but apparently hilarious) noises. And usually it pays off in the end.

042 062 016b

These (below) are a few test shots I took last week while Jack was playing in the backyard. I like them so much better than many of the pictures he’s given me lately. Just goes to show that sometimes the pictures you get during five minutes of playing can blow your carefully planned photoshoot right outta the water. Kids are so unpredictable.

016 015 014


Grandma Patty said…
Those are good-looking fellows! I LOVE those guys!