bottled water


edited to add: Power is back up so the guys are pushing North into a more directly affected area.


Thanks to all of you who called, texted, or Facebooked me asking about Caleb. Other than the inconvenience of eating MREs and having to scour for the elusive cup of coffee, he is well. The guys are currently in an area that was indirectly affected by the tornado. Meaning, while they didn’t have any major damage, the source of the cities’ power was hit hard and they have been without electricity for almost a week. But thanks to the Red Cross and the National Guard, the citizens need not go without a meal, ice, and drinking water. Caleb has seen some awesome acts of humanity, and also a few things that would really make you cringe. No word yet on when he will be home, but we know it won’t be until the city regains power.

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photos taken with Caleb’s iPhone