in orange


Good thing I kept the winter clothes close by. Yesterday’s temperature was in the low 60s and likely the last sweater weather of the season. Perfect for afternoon pictures in the forest. Jackson loves the vines in our backyard, but needs a stool to reach them. I love his eyes. I love his attitude. I love that he loves these holey jeans. I love the way he purses his mouth when he’s trying his best to wait for two clicks.

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Sarah T. said…
Jackie, I can't believe how old Jackson looks in these pictures! The hair... and the sweater... it's just too much preciousness to handle. Please send him to kindergarden like that.. he'll be the preppiest little dude there.
Anonymous said…
i like these pics. I need to have one of these! He is a great kid. 123 MOM
Anonymous said…
Gorgeous pics, as always. Jackson is perfection!

Love you all,
Anonymous said…
He does look old.. thats crazy. i love his hair and i LOVE the rip in his jeans... :) Michael