Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I told you it was going to be short


I almost cried when Rachel led him through the kennel door and into the groomer’s lobby. “What do you think?” she asked me, beaming. I wanted to sniffle and say “Are you sure that’s my dog? He looks like a skinny girl with a bob.” By the way, I think bobs are a great hairstyle… FOR GIRLS. I’m not fond of the look on my boy dog.

Instead I said “He looks… much cooler.” Like… naked! I feel compelled to buy a doggy sweater.

Then I knelt on the gritty lobby carpet and let him lick my face, and ran my fingers through his short little ears. And I decided for the sake of all the hours I will save brushing mats from his fur, by golly I’m going to learn to love this look.


Bob and all.

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Anonymous said...

oh, it looks good. He is going to love the lake now :) 123 me