sunrise over Hartsfield-Jackson


Friday Caleb flew out to Salt Lake City for four weeks of training. I know he’s technically been home since January 27th, but I still feel like I just got him back. So you can imagine the coping difficulty in sending him off again for any length of time, not to mention an entire month.

His flight was at 9:00 AM, meaning we had to leave home around 4:00. And he’d received clearance to drive his own car and park in long-term so no one would have to endure the early morning airport drop off. Except given the choice between staying in my criminally comfortable bed for the rest of the night or waking to a blaring 3:00 AM alarm and dragging myself into wakefulness after less than five hours sleep, I choose the extra time with my husband.

Not too long ago this would have been a difficult feat. The prep alone, to carry two kids on a day trip starting at 4:00 AM, would have been a headache. Now that we’ve entered the land of no diaper bag, no sippy cups, no emergency entertainment systems, it was surprisingly easy to throw the boys in the car and be on our way. I watched them drift back to sleep in the rearview mirror as the sun was rising over the interstate, then I turned to Caleb and said “It’s amazing to be in the place where it is possible to share this with you.”

And then he squeezed my hand and said “We’ve made it.”