54 photos of the lake


Tubing, skiing, and Philip’s 19th birthday: that’s what the weekend was made of. I gave up on paring down the pictures. This is probably more files than I’ve ever posted at once, but oh well. All of the lake pictures are awesome because they remind me of laughter, and the people I love, and the choicest place on the planet, and how I want to be there forever.

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this may be my new favorite picture of Caleb

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The end of day 1


Happy birthday to my baby brother!


lunch on the deck

174 195 198 202

A couple of Dad’s tomatoes


exploring non-newtonian fluid, aka cornstarch and water mixed by Uncle Jon

182 189 210

afternoon water activities

206 220 273

Michael skiing!

264 265

Caleb skiing!

237 250 251

Philip skiing, dropping a ski, wiping out!


Me. not skiing at all


also me


me inhaling lake water


you get the idea.

Everyone was sweet and told me it was because of the weight in the boat, end of the day, trying one ski instead of two, etc. But really I am too out of practice, and four tries was all the lake water I cared to sniff.

217 226 230

Jack and Uncle Jon playing king-of-the-raft

258 243

king of the yellow boat


dinner, of the pizza variety

326 330 332 336 356 365

Dad skiing!

403 411

Aunt Mary skiing during the last few minutes of daylight.


Katie said…
I love your lake photos, jackie. Sweet home alabama.