the kitchen color


Okay, I know the walls have only been green for less than two years, but I was ready for a change. And it’s pretty widely known I don’t stick with any one color for very long. Unless that color is blue. There are four blue rooms in this house, all different shades. What can I say? Blue speaks to me.

Caleb is the one who started me thinking about a change in the kitchen. So, I’m blessed to have a husband who not only puts up with the constant state of unfinished flux that is our house, but actually encourages my creative endeavors (if you can call them that). During one late night phone conversation while Caleb was in Utah he suddenly brought up my “house projects”.

Him: “So, I’ve been thinking about the back porch and wondering what other sorts of things you want to do to the house.”

Me: “You mean little projects? Or like major overhauls? Wishfully speaking, there’s at least one major something I’d like to do for each room.” And now he’s going to run screaming…

Him: “Okay, well maybe you could write all those things down so I can see what I can help with when I get home.”

Me: *speechless*

Let rest any doubt that he is my soulmate. And HELLO white walls!


So far I really love them.