our weekend


Homework. There’s a lot of it.



Rain. It just keeps falling.



Doggy puke. In addition to his usual dog food, Tucker consumed half a blue tennis ball for dessert on Saturday. Then he barfed it all up. Some in his crate, majority on the kitchen floor, some outside on the sidewalk. He only vomits about once every six months, so when it does happen, he makes sure to go all out.



Pulling off surprises. My nephews and sister-in-laws were here when Caleb got home from work on Friday. He had no idea they were coming, and the little ones hid under the table until he walked into the living room. Then they yelled “Surprise!” I made a sinful chocolate cake and we called it a late birthday party. Best part: me locking the garage door so we could hide Sarah’s van inside. He walked around to the front and rang the door bell.

Me: “Hey.”

Him: “My garage door opener won’t work!”

Me: “Oh. That’s too bad.”

Him: “Um… do you have company?”

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Paint. Ahem. I’m dreaming of a white kitchen…



Mirror shots. One of these days I will perfect it.


Happy Monday!



Jon said…
Ha. Didn't we just finish painting that kitchen?