small things with great love


After another four days on the lake, I’m surprised the boys haven’t grown fins already. It was great to have Caleb with us, too. He and I sat down on the dock for a long time yesterday morning, watching the boys laughing and splashing each other. Finally I asked “If you could live on the beach or the lake, which would you choose?”

“The lake, definitely” he replied. And I have to agree. There’s something about this life that draws you in, holds you close, refuses to let go. And when you find yourself driving home to reality, you replay the way the dock smells while roasting in the afternoon sun, the different-every-day water temperature, little boy squeals, screams, and all the hilarious things that happen because we’re all together.

We could gladly be lake people forever.

106 126 118 131 139 157

making chocolate pancakes with Nana

175 178 190 196

this is as genuine as it gets!


choose your lake entry method:

216 205 221 208 217 223 236 242

the only requirement is a big splash


I think my brother, Jon, wins for best jump

243 254 250 263

Jack’s new trick


dinner. kid table, obviously


grown-up table

287 271

itty bitty table?

290 292 282

tired out

 Sitting next to you doing absolutely nothing means absolutely everything to me. –unknown


Sarah said…
This looks like so much fun! The lake is marvelous. The Traylors are thinking about y'all and missing everyone!
Also, I really want to meet Tucker :)