my wings have no feathers


This post could also be titled “extreme water sports”, “how high can we go?”, or “a ton of picture of people about to hit the water… and a few frogs thrown in.” Basically, most of the pictures I have from the weekend are of kids being tossed ski high, jumping from nine feet off the water, trying to wrestle each other off the inner tube, or having noodle fights.

Oh, and we found frogs living under the dock umbrella. One jumped on me and I screamed. Thankfully no one had a video camera.

Thanks to my cousin, Sarah, for a bunch of these pictures.

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Karolena said…
What cute little green frogs! I guess the critters we have around here are more toads than frogs, because they're so dark and bumpy. Great pics. :)
Anonymous said…
MomZ says...."I can't believe ....jumping off the boat house".
Sarah T. said…
I can't believe that some of the pictures I took turned out so well! These are so fun. Love ya!
Katie said…
So fun! I want to come play so badly!