sleeping arrangements


We were lake bums again this past weekend. Only, on a different lake, and with Caleb’s family. It was an amazing good time, with really late nights, way too many sugary sweets to choose from, and enough food to feed twice as many people. We arrived home on Tuesday and I have been asleep since then. Pretty much. No lie.

My adrenaline infused, fun-loving self absorbed those late nights, non-stop activity, and kept chugging along right up until the minute we piled into the car and started toward home. I was asleep before we made it to the interstate. Luckily I wasn’t driving. Additionally, I woke up as we pulled into our driveway and I helped Caleb unpack the car before I crashed again and slept until dinner time. You’d think those 8+ hours would have caught me up, but no. I was dead to the world by 9:30. So dead, in fact, that I slept all night without realizing there was a dog in bed beside me.

The next morning I was stunned to open my eyes and find myself staring into a pair of chocolate almond eyes and one very wet nose sticking out of the covers between my pillow and Caleb’s. And because we all know Tucker is too short to make it onto our bed without help, I immediately cocked an eyebrow at Caleb. Who, by the way, didn’t have much to say in his own defense.

And you guys thought I was the softy.