Me: “What did you learn about in Sunday school today?”

Jack: “We heard a story.”

Me: “About what?”

Jack: “Okay. There were a bunch of guys piled up, taking a nap. And there was a six-year-old on a mat…”

Caleb: “I think something was lost in translation.”

Me: “Anything else, Jack?”

Jack: “Yes. Jesus saw the guy on the mat and he said… he said… um…”

Caleb: “Pick up your mat and come follow me?”

Jack: !

Jack: “How did you know that??”



Meet my dining room table, repurposed as an electronics lab.


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Jackson asked for jelly beans in his bubblegum flavored ice cream. Is this a phase, being automatically drawn to the raunchiest thing on the menu? He ate half the cone and then sampled Caleb’s pick, a ‘brownie sundae crunch’. “Yum,” he declared. “Can we trade?” Caleb eyed the drippy pink jelly bean sliding down the side of Jack’s cone and goes “Um, no”. Meanwhile, Jon ate several bites of napkin before I noticed.




Toy store = fantastic place to waste time. Go in with nothing, come out with nothing. Have a blast! While there Jack and Jon discovered a shelf full of Mario related paraphernalia. I was then badgered to count the days, hours, and minutes until they can be allowed to ask for what they want for Christmas.

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A is for awesome. Happy Monday!