2 minute photo


Photos are rarely “planned” around here. You might not know this, but Jack and Jon do not especially care for having their picture taken. Okay, fine. They hate it. It’s really hard for me to admit this. I’ve learned not to schedule photos because it always ends up a disaster with everyone unhappy. Instead I try to “steal” photography opportunities whenever the boys give me a convenient opening. This usually means I have about two minutes to clothe them, pose them, and get the shot I want. It keeps me on my toes, anyhow.

Jack: (admiring my latest photography related acquisition) What’s this?

Me: That’s a photography prop.

Jack: What does it do?

Me: It goes on the front of my camera and shows little kids exactly where to look so I can get a good shot.

Jack: Oh. That’s pretty cool.

Me: You, um… you wouldn’t want to go into the backyard and see it in action, would you?

Jack: Sure.

And the countdown is on!