five things


Kitchen. I’ve given myself a deadline to finish up in the kitchen. The deadline is this Monday. Anything that isn’t finished on Monday won’t be happening. We need to remember what it’s like to have a kitchen that isn’t semi-permanently decorated with half empty paint cans and half dried brushes.

Treadmill. Keeps telling me the belt needs to be oiled. It’s been a convenient excuse for a while now.

Sickness. So far Jackson has brought home two different strains of something nasty from school. Schedule goes as follows: Jackson = mildly sick for two days, back to school like nothing happened. Jonathan = catches sickness from Jackson, miserable for a week and a half, thinks he’s dying, starts to get well, catches next sickness from Jackson. Rinse and repeat. It’s almost like we’ve been living in a bubble for five years and suddenly the germs of three hundred elementary kids have invaded our home. Oh wait, it’s exactly that.

School. Has been in session for a month and all that free time I was worried about having? Well so far it hasn’t materialized.

Cars. You know what they say about hindsight? Well, it’s true. Especially when you are an essential two car family and one of you (that’d be me) cannot drive the other vehicle. When we bought Caleb’s car, I didn’t think it’d be a problem that I cannot drive a stick shift. But the last few weeks it’s created multiple huge headaches. To the point that I have actually tried to learn to drive it. At 9:30 PM in the Target parking lot. While Caleb sat in the other car with the boys and watched me stall out four times at the same stop sign and peel out more times than I care to admit. I am a hazard. It is a problem.