he comes home early and brings the sun


I disappeared for a few days and I had a good excuse. Actually, about five good excuses and none of them are very interesting. You know that old saying, “when it rains, it pours”? Well, it’s true. Especially around here, and especially when Caleb goes out of town. So Monday when he left for the week also happened to be the day we found out Jonathan has asthma. I came home with a bag full of medication, a head full of instructions, and follow up appointments stretched before me. As much as I wanted to make Jonathan the center of the world for a few days, life doesn’t have that sort of pause button. In fact, it was more like someone had hit the fast forward and there I was scrambling for the remote, trying to slow things down. I had a ‘must-do’ list a mile long and very quickly I was swamped and overwhelmed.

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That was the point I did something I’ve never done before. I texted Caleb and asked him to come home. He did. Even arriving with an arm full of flowers. They are scattered throughout the house and it smells divine in here.


No matter who sits with you or how much MarioKart you get to play, breathing treatments just aren’t very fun. It’s just hard to tell a three-year-old he has to sit in the chair and not move for thirty minutes. We are noticing improvement, though. There are fewer coughing fits and whole nights of uninterrupted sleep.


Friday we took him to the mall.

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It was just the three of us and it was completely weird. I missed Jackson extremely. I may never get used to being without him during the day.


Jonathan thrives under Caleb’s undivided attention. Breathing treatments and all, I’ve never seen him happier.