built in paper towels


Over the weekend Caleb wrapped up our last project in the kitchen. He removed a drawer under the sink and built a box to fit in the space and hold a roll of paper towels. I still need to fill the cracks and touch up the paint, but I hardly notice those issues because I’m so blinded by that stuff between the tiles. What? You mean we have white grout? Apparently so.

I’m not gonna lie. The grout in our kitchen has always been a rather scummy grey color. And also orange in a few spots where Jackson once used the floor as his personal coloring book. I used to clean the grout with bleach about once every six months. But it never seemed to do much except fumigate the house, so I eventually gave up and let it exist in its scummy state for several years now. Saturday Caleb devoted several hours to scrubbing the grout with acid. And…


That is all.

ps. Me: “Just stay for one second. Come ON, you’ll make the picture so much more interesting.”

Tucker: “Fine. But if you’re gonna make me sit here I’m definitely NOT looking at you.”