the family photo


guys goofing off in the back.

Mom corralling Jackson.

Jon E. trying to reason with Jon C.

me. fluffing my hair? cracking my neck? giving instructions? who knows.

um… Mike?

This is the reality of the family picture and you know what, I love it. It reminds me to be happy with us just being us. And 20 tries later, even if I don’t have “the perfect picture” what I do have is something I can love, in spite of imperfections, because it is just us.


Buddies. Jack with his latest, which I dub the ‘Kermit smile’.


Mom and Dad. I love them.

065 081

My brothers. They are all tall. Or I am just short.


My family against a wall.


Us. In a field.


The golden shot.

Thanks to my brother, Mike, for the pictures of my family. And to my Uncle Mike for the group shots.


Sarah T. said…
I just love you guys so much.
vlr said…
Great pictures, really great pictures!!!!