I went to the fall festival


And I didn’t unknowingly park illegally and return after dark to find my car towed. Yay for progress.

On a side note, Jackson has reading and writing homework every night, and I secretly despise it. He’s a bit of a perfectionist and I’m sort of… not. Yesterday he had to color a pumpkin and write a sentence about it. He chose “My pumpkin has a funny mustache over his mouth and lots of big green leaves on top of his head.” I tried to convince him to shorten it to “My pumpkin has a funny mustache.” He wouldn’t. Twenty minutes and several start-overs later, after I’d beat my head on every available surface and downed four boxes of Nerds, he goes “I think this sentence is too long.”

While signing his work later I noticed I’d misspelled “Pumpkin” on the demonstration sheet. And if you think I was about to open another can of worms, well you’re wrong. I stuck the extra ‘p’ in, myself.


Anonymous said…
Yes, I was just remembering last year's adventure a few day ago. You are quite a girl! And homework is way over-rated. You go girl. 123 ME
Marian Frizzell said…
ethically, I love this.