my boys


On the “family photo day” I’d planned to get a few pictures of Jack and Jon while they were dressed up, but we ended up having very difficult shooting conditions. a) We lost light so fast, and were all but shooting in the dark near the end. b) Jackson wouldn’t quit looking at the weed he pulled out of the field. And when Michael would say “Jackson, look at me” he would turn his head, but keep his eyes on the weed. So in all the pictures, his face is pointed the right direction, but his eyes look like they’re about to roll off the left side of his face.

It is what it is.

So I dressed them again yesterday so I could get the pictures I wanted, this time without the weed.

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Marian Frizzell said…
1. Your boys are freaking adorable. 2. I like Jonathan's new haircut. 3. Weeds are just so distracting: how can you blame Jackson?