four days of Thanksgiving


Quick rundown of the weekend:

Wednesday – arrive at lake. attempt to assist in food prep. realize I know nothing about turkey. be glad Dad is an expert at cooking birds on the smoker.

Thursday – watch Caleb splitting wood. receive instruction. take a swing myself. split dirt instead. family arrives! sweet fellowship in a sun streaked living room. pop the pig, canoeing, sunset, s’mores around the fire pit. watch Caleb fish Tucker out of the turkey grease. bathe Tucker. dry Tucker. watch Caleb fish Tucker out of the turkey grease again. give up and leave the dog slathered in fat.

Friday – cinnamon rolls! gingerbread house. Christmas music, Christmas tree, Christmas thoughts… all in an 80 degree house. welcome to the South.

Saturday – football. and more eating. that is all.

Hope you made as many great memories.

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Anonymous said…
We do know how to enjoy some holiday don't we? 123 me