conquering the awkward kitchen wall


In our house we have this little wall that separates the foyer from the kitchen and to say it is awkward is an understatement. I’d have torn it out long ago if I thought I could survive having that much dust in the house for an indeterminable amount of time. Not to mention that of all the projects we have undertaken, none have been as expansive as destroying walls. We may get there one day… one day. But not today.

So while I put my dreams of sledgehammers and holey drywall on the backburner, I decide to cannibalize the gallery wall in the living room and try to make the kitchen wall not so awkward. As with most of the “adjustments” I do around here, I’m not sold yet (insert Caleb begging me to leave it alone for just one week). But it’s growing on me, so for now I’ll consider this wall conquered.