Sunday, November 20, 2011

ft. living room


We stayed home this weekend to work on various house projects. Okay, actually Caleb worked on the projects while I sat on a stool producing tidbits of useless advice, eating goldfish out of a 2 gallon box, reading a book I couldn’t put down, and offering tons of moral support. I tell him he’s lucky to have a wife so good at multi-tasking. He laughs as he reaches for another tool and I know I’m lucky he puts up with me.

On the project list:

re-rail the stuck cereal drawer in the kitchen

make space for a Christmas tree in the livingroom

hang a branch from the ceiling

construct Fort Living Room

002 001 007

I’ll let you guess which project had the best reviews.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ft. Living Room sounds like fun, and should be a GREAT place to sleep under the Christmas tree...but I want to see the hanging branch! More pics, please:)
Love you all,