on the day before Christmas


Business as usual on the day before Christmas, just like any other Saturday. Saws and screwdrivers humming in the garage.


Little boys with wii blinders on.

When Caleb comes inside for lunch we sit in the recliner together eating mint M&Ms and bombarding them with helpful advice.

“Shoot that flashy thing!”

“No use the force on it!”

“Get ‘em! Get ‘em!”

“Get ‘em faster!”

It gets them frazzled and mad at us. Which is really funny. Basically we aggravate our kids and then laugh about it. When did we get so cool?


Visions of lego men dancing in their heads tonight. Tucked into bed an hour past bedtime with instructions to not wake us until six.


And now here we are an hour away from Christmas day and we haven’t started wrapping yet. It feels like the beginning of a Christmas tradition. I love it.

Goodnight everyone.