personal project: We, four | January


Two years ago in January I started a 365 project. I had grand delusions about taking a picture a day while Caleb was deployed to Iraq. I made it until March and then I petered out. I learned a lot from it, though, like how to spring out of bed at 11:50 pm in a panic because I hadn’t taken my daily photo. I think I proved how difficult it is for me to commit to a photography regimen, for sure one that involves a portion of my time every day.

This year I’ve decided to undertake a photo a month (should be achievable, even for me). Specifically a family self portrait, and to make it a little more complicated I’ll try to capture photos that show our style, our family dynamic, who we are and what we’re feeling at the time. Not an easy task to accomplish with a tripod. But therein lies the challenge. 

Some other pictures we captured that day…

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Sarah T. said…
Beautiful. Everything is beautiful. I especially love the fourth picture. You need to give me some photoshop editing lessons, I'm interested! Can't wait to live so close to y'all next year :)